Finding Direction & Purpose

The Youth Group at Bethel exists to help teens know and embrace truth in a culture full of confusion and lies. Each week, dozens of teens come together to deepen their faith, meet new friends, and create lasting memories. Our youth pastor and volunteers are committed to helping teens navigate these crucial years with biblical courage and wisdom. Regardless of where you may be on your personal journey of faith, we invite you to experience Jesus Christ on a personal level, and see for yourself the difference He will make in your life.

Our Mission: Know Jesus and make Him known

Gathering Opportunities

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Sunday Teen Classes

At Bethel, our youth group meets together every Sunday to fellowship together and to grow spiritually. With our Sunday classes for Jr. and Sr. High teens, there is a class for everyone.

Teens will grow in their relationship with God and with others around them, providing a strong foundation of support.

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Teen Activities

Our Youth Group enjoys dozens of activities a year, covering a wide and crazy range of different things! Each activity is usually accompanied by good food, great fellowship, and intense fun. 

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Teen Trips

Every year, usually in the Summer months, we plan different trips for the teenagers of Bethel. These trips give the students a chance to grow solid friendships, make spiritual decisions and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Teen Camp and Youth Conference are among the annual Teen trips.

Working Gloves

Volunteer Service

We believe the teen years are a phenomenal time to learn the value of working hard and serving others. Each week, our teens have the opportunity to serve and volunteer in various areas and ministries of our church. The local church can and should play an active role in the life of a teenager!

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Youth Rallies

Our church has annual youth rallies and special youth services that are packed with excitement and helpful messages for today’s teenagers. We usually invite new teens from the area as well as nearby youth groups, and that makes for a full house!

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Youth Pastor

Jordan Fanara

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