We would like LOVE to have you visit us! Bethel Baptist Church is a place that embraces visitors and new faces. Just about every service, we have the privilege to host guests that visit us for many different reasons. For many, church is on the “one day I need to…” list. Without a doubt, church should be a vital part in the life of a believer. We would love for Bethel to be the church that you and your family call home. Our Pastor says often, “Everyone needs a church address just like they have a home address.” Plan to visit us this week, you’ll be glad you came.


Our Location

524 176th St. E
Spanaway, WA 98387


Centrally located in the middle of JBLM, Tacoma, Puyallup, and Graham.

Our Services

Sunday Morning

10 AM- Classes for all ages
11 AM- Morning Service

Sunday Evening

6 PM- Evening Service

Wednesday Evening:

7 PM- Mid-week Service

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Bethel Baptist Church is the ‘Church on the Hill’, located just up the driveway from the Bethel School District buildings. Our main auditorium can be clearly when you drive by on 176th St. E. As you drive onto our property, you will see a large overhang to pull under for convenient access inside the auditorium (a little secret, it does rain a bit in Washington!). Our property contains ample parking, so it should be quick and painless to find a good spot to park. Upon entering the building, you will be greeted by a friendly usher, who will answer any questions you have, and escort you in the right direction for the right class or service for you.

If you are up for a Bible class, please come just before 10am. We have first class Children and Teen Programs, as well as several Adult Bible Classes to choose from. For a list of the Adult Bible Classes, click here. Most first-time guests choose to come for our main Morning Service, which starts at 11am. When attending the morning service for the first time, we believe you will enjoy the friendly atmosphere, and the beautiful music of the choir, orchestra and special music groups. The service all leads up to a practical and helpful Bible message from Pastor Minge. Our Morning Service usually is a little over an hour long, ending somewhere between 12-12:10pm.

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For many decades, BBC has operated several buses that run every Sunday on routes all over the community. There is no cost to ride one of our buses! If you are one who wants to visit but doesn’t have a way to get here, please contact us and see if one of our buses comes near your home. Below are the Bus Routes that we currently run…

Bus 1– Spanaway

Bus 2– South Tacoma/Parkland

Bus 3– Lakewood/Tillacum

Bus 4– Lakewood

Bus 5– West Tacoma

Bus 6– Ft. Lewis

Bus 7– East Tacoma/Salishan

Bus 8- North Tacoma/Hilltop

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We are so blessed at BBC to see many new believers follow the Lord in Baptism. With so many ideas out there about what Baptism is, it is easy to be confused about what it really means. We simply teach the Bible, in that Baptism is to follow Salvation (not essential FOR one to be saved), and is the first step in obedience to the Lord after one begins a new life in Christ. It is Jesus who saves us, not the water, or the Baptism event. Baptism is simply a picture of the Gospel- the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. In being Baptized, the new believer is identifying with Christ. If you have any questions on this topic, or would like to follow the Lord in Believer’s Baptism, we would love to help you with that at one of our services. (Acts 2:41, Romans 6:4, Acts 10:48, Galatians 3:27)

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At BBC, we love having guests. Guests are a gift to us, and they are always welcome whenever our doors are open. Our ultimate goal for guests is to have them join the BBC family and become members. Some may ask, “What’s the big deal about church membership?” or “Why do I need to join a church?” The answers to these questions, to us, are very important.

Church membership is not something that we take lightly. The church, by definition, is a called out assembly of baptized believers. Church membership is not necessary for salvation, but is a vital part of the Christian life. The truth is, Christ loves the church and gave Himself for it, and has promised his blessing to the church.

The Scripture refers to the church as the Body of Christ. Our goal, as a church family, is to work together as a unit to see as much accomplished as possible for the Glory of God. In joining BBC, opportunities abound to get involved in ministries and activities that serve others, and further the cause of Christ.

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Yes indeed! Our children’s program is a very active and exciting part of our church and we are sure your kids will love their class. Our nurseries range from newborn to 3 years, and our Children’s program ranges from 4 years to 6th grade. Also, we have several teen classes for those in 7th-12th grade.
Our parking lot is spacious and pretty simple to navigate. When nearing the top of the hill where our auditorium is located, many families choose to turn left and stop underneath our large carport/overhang, that way folks can enter the building staying clear of any wet weather (which tends to happen a bit in WA!). After unloading passengers, the driver can then pull through and navigate around the building, parking in the whatever spot is nearest and most convenient.
There is certainly no ‘dress code’ here at our church. You will notice that our leaders and many of our church families will be dressed in what most would call ‘traditional Sunday best’, but our desire is for our guests to feel welcome and comfortable when they visit.
The last thing we want is for our guests to feel pressured about the offering! Our desire is to serve our guests, and to provide a place where folks can come and grow in God’s grace and give attention to His Word. As our guest, please don’t feel any pressure or obligation about the offering.
Our services typically are 60-70 minutes in length.
We love to have guests come to our church that have a desire to get involved! The list of ministries to choose from is a long one, and we are always seeking to add volunteers to contribute. When you make your first visit, we would be happy to give you a guest packet and give you basic information on our ministries and how you can join a ministry team.
Transportation is something our church has provided for decades. Our church buses run on eight different routes, all over the county. Click here to view a list of the routes, and contact us to inquire about having us stop by to pick you up for a service. It would be our pleasure, and if we can make it happen, we will!
First-time guests seem to feel most comfortable finding a seat somewhere in the middle to the back of the main floor of the auditorium, or even in the balcony. Don’t stress over a seat, our ushers are well trained and would be happy to assist you in finding the perfect seat.

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